Bad News! Crowdfunding Postponed!

This will sound familiar to the people on my mailing list but...

I have bad news. As of last Thursday Instagram deactivated my hemlockmurder account. I am currently trying to appeal and get access to my account back but it is up in the air at this point. Instagram is a notoriously hard company to get a hold of. 

So what does that mean? 

I was planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign on my birthday, December 13th. This campaign was to raise $7000 to commission a few local Cincinnati artists to complete the final illustrations, animations and music needed for the game. Instagram happened to be the platform where I had the most fans and I don't feel comfortable launching the campaign without that base. I want the give the campaign the highest chance of success, so I am going to postpone it to a later date. Hopefully my appeal goes through and I can get access to my account again soon but either way y'all will be the first to know when the campaign is rescheduled. 

If you would still like to donate to the game completion effort you can go to the page for my demo, hit the red "Download Now" button and donate however much you want to. It would be much appreciated and would really help in getting this game closer to completion. 

The link is: 

As for the game, I am going to continue working on fleshing out the story and a few mechanics here and there to make it the best it can be. I've got some cool ideas that I want to test out! And I'll be posting my updates on Twitter and Facebook in the meantime while I am waiting for my instagram appeal.

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