The Murder on Hemlock Drive Album Art Adventure Murder Mystery Indie Video Game HemlockMurder Mitchell Clifford

The Game:

As you travel to meet an old childhood friend for the Holidays, you would never have suspected your night of partying would be the stage for murder!

Attempt to solve the murder using a style that you cultivate as you play, but be aware or you may be murdered yourself!


Intimidate, gossip, flirt, lecture, or bribe - this rich dialogue system will react to the choices you make and build dynamic relationships with the characters around you. Choose your words wisely, if you want to extract the most information.

Forge your unique path through the narrative by mixing and matching a variety of styles:

  • The Classy Individual: As a person of means and manners, you walk around with an aura of respect. Though many things come easy, be aware that deference may hide secrets.
  • The Charismatic Youth: With you, there’s never a lull in conversation and you can always find a friend to gossip with. However, your talkative ways often leave you distracted from the machinations going on around you.
  • The Intelligent Scholar: You have always been observant and quick witted. You have never met a problem you could not solve. But be careful, not all people respond to logos as well as you think they should.

Explore the world, solve ciphers, find secret passages - There are many secrets hidden away in this old house for you to discover.

Experience a striking and unique world of fully hand drawn illustrations. And vibe to a fully orchestrated Jazz soundtrack. Each character has their own improvised, cinematic motif.

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Audio / Drums: Ethan Kimberly - @mindthegoat_music

Concepts: Evan Verrilli  -

Designer / Director: Ava Clifford - @vclffrd

Generalist: Nik Lockwood - @nikolardo

Horn: Katie Carson - @okayycars

Sax: Lee Sullivan - @lee_sullivan7

Sprites: Hugo Pereira - @hugop.arts

Visuals: Miri Owens - @dystopiandreamscaping